Building Community

We are happy to work with other individuals and groups in our community. We also appreciate the opportunity to let the community know that we are here and that we are serious and committed about revitalizing the Onondaga language. 

As resources for language programs are often scarce, it also gives us an opportunity to fundraise for our language gatherings.

Below are some of the community groups that we are working with:


Gawęnahwishe' Onǫda'gega' is working with our local radio station to do translations of Onǫda'gega' that can be played on the radio. 

Kawenni:io/Gawę:ni:yo: Private School

We are also working with the local elementary and secondary immersion schools as often as we can. One way we do this is by providing translation services.

Recently, we helped to cater the mini-sing that Kawenni:io/Gawę:ni:yo: hosted at the Six Nations Community Centre. This is a sing that is organized by the Grade 7 & 8's from the elementary schools from the Haudenosaunee communities in our area. Every year, a different school hosts the sing.

We were happy to be able to support Kawenni:io/Gawę:ni:yo: at this year's event!

Community Living

Our classroom is located in the Community Living building in the Six Nations community. As part of our agreement for holding our class in the building, we put on a monthly social for the people here. We are happy and grateful to be able to share this time with our neighbours!

Ontario Native Literacy Coalition

We have recently begun working with the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition. They sponsored one of our language gatherings and we will be working with them to offer an Onondaga language program in the evening this fall. 

Our community outreach calendar.

Our community outreach calendar.

Our students go berry picking with one of our elders.

Our students go berry picking with one of our elders.