Nyawęhah Sgę:nǫˀ!


Our story

Like other languages in our community, Onǫda'gega' (the Onondaga language) is critically endangered with few first language speakers. Revitalizing our language will mean overcoming many challenges. 

But our language is strong. The more we learn and use Onǫda'gega' in our everyday lives, the more we are reminded of the importance of the Onondaga language and nation to our people. The central fire of our Confederacy is located at Onondaga. Onǫda'gega' is a part of our identity as a people and it is one that we are fiercely proud of. For that reason, we are very grateful and proud to be learning it.

This website shares some of the efforts that we are taking to help this strong and beautiful language, grow even stronger.